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Blue Goose - 12 / box

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Appellants (DECOYS) : Blue goose
Sale in box of 12 units (8 FEEDERS AND 4 STANDS)
Support sticks included.


  • Premium plastic: Despite the twists and / or repeated impacts the paint remains intact, no cracks or visible defects. The plastic is top quality, with XLR technology 
  • UV paint : Without reflections, the sun on the backs of the callers, they are irresistible for the birds that come down to land next to the callers. This feature makes our callers look realistic from the air.
  •  Lightness: Approximately 400g / decoy with legs and rods. (This will allow you to move a larger number of callers when transporting by vehicle or on foot.
  • Soft stiffness: Several stiffness analyzes were carried out by our specialists in the field and at different temperatures down to -10 degrees, no apparent breakage. Watch the video.
  • Optimize the speed and efficiency of installation : Thanks to the XLR version, lightness and quality of the plastic which makes it possible to transport a very large quantity of callers in a transport pocket, while keeping the installation rods and the legs there, you will save time in your installations at the field. 


  • Technology XLR distributed by SkyFall Decoys; in order to allow us to offer you what is best on the market, thanks to the lightness of the plastic and its resistance, you will dominate your sector by moving and setting up faster than the competition with a greater number of callers installed in no time. No more ripping heads and broken decoys, our heavy-duty plastic makes them virtually indestructible and the modular stakes are easy to change in case of breakage. So you have a low-cost, durable set that will impress your partners.