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In the spring of 2019, the company SkyFall Decoys started in the fields of Latvia when the two Quebec founders; Mike Germain and Jean-Sébastien Hétu were serving the Canadian Armed Forces in Eastern Europe. In the middle of the hunting season, the guys were discussing their experiences on this subject. During their conversation, an important point was made; the importance of having a good number of callers for migrating bird hunting versus the inexpensive costs of procuring the necessary equipment to practice the sport. The beginning and ultimate mission of SkyFall began; Provide the hunting community with quality hunting products at a good price, so that they have the opportunity to equip themselves with new equipment and that the equipment allows them to practice this wonderful sport at massively reduced prices.

For 2021-2022, the owners of SkyFall Decoys will be putting all of their energy into acquiring new products for its hunting community.




  • Premium plastic: Despite the twists and / or repeated impacts the paint remains intact, no cracks or visible defects. The plastic is of superior quality, with XLR technology.
  • UV paint : Without reflections, the sun on the backs of the callers, they are irresistible for the flounces which descend to land next to the callers. This feature makes our callers look realistic from the air.
  • Soft stiffness: Several stiffness analyzes were carried out by our specialists in the field and at different temperatures down to -10 degrees, no apparent breakage.
  • Lightness: Approximately 400g / decoy with legs and rods. (This will allow you to move a larger number of callers when transporting by vehicle or on foot.
  • Optimize the speed and efficiency of installation : Thanks to the lightness and quality XLR version of the plastic which allows to transport a very large quantity of callers in a transport pocket, while keeping the installation rods and the legs there, you will save time during your installations. field.